We believe that every child is an important piece in God’s Puzzle.

They have each been uniquely designed by Him to fit a certain spot in the kingdom.

Each Sunday, our trained, passionate team will teach your children the Word of God. We use Bible stories, praise and worship, action verses, small groups, snacks and crafts. It is our goal to provide a fun, safe atmosphere. In addition, we are planting the seeds of the Word and presenting Jesus as Saviour. We want to position them to receive the Holy Spirit through discipleship and relationship. Finally, we want to propel them into their destinies by serving others.

Northplace Kids will blow you away!

Contact Hazel Steven at northplacedurbankids@gmail.com


Ages 3-12

7th-12th Grade

Northplace Youth Ministry

At Northplace Church we believe that God is calling a generation of young people to redemption and transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As we grow in Christ, we are called to exemplify qualities of Christ in all that we do. So, Northplace Youth Ministry exists for teenagers to live in community as followers of Jesus. Above all, we strive to help teenagers follow Christ, fulfill compassion, and find community. Northplace Youth Ministry meets Friday nights at 7:00 p.m.

Contact Pastor Ben Conolly at students@northplace.co.za.

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